Earjobs Pressure Reducing Flying Airplugs 2.0

Earjobs Pressure Reducing Flying Airplugs 2.0

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Earjobs™ Pressure Reducing Flying Ear Plugs 2.0 are Earjobs' new and improved flying ear plug designed specifically to reduce discomfort experienced while flying. Acute changes in pressure that occur during take off and landing can cause a painful buildup of pressure in the inner-ear.

Earjobs™ Flying Ear Plugs 2.0 moderate these changes, allowing your inner-ear time to adjust to the changes in pressure experienced while flying. This is achieved via a small vent at the centre of the ear plugs which allows the pressure built up in the ear to dissipate slowly over time, reducing or eliminating the discomfort for many air travellers. 

Earjobs™ Flying Ear Plugs 2.0 also reduce noise so you can have a peaceful flight generally; no more disturbances from crying babies or overly boisterous conversations in the aisle over. 

For best results insert just before take off and one hour before landing.