Hygiene Kit - NEW
Hygiene Kit - NEW
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Hygiene Kit - NEW

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STAY CLEAN. STAY HEALTHY. STAY HAPPY - Toss it in your purse, backpack, luggage, car, wallet or gym bag. This is a fabulous kit for a gift, travel or for home everyday use. Also a great gift for our kids that may be at boarding school or University. With virus's about and the flu and cold season just round the corner this is a great affordable kit to consider. The propolis lozengers work a treat, sore throats can disappear after sucking on one lozenger and the manuka balm heals just about everything. This kit is value for money. Definitely cheaper than purchasing items separately.

The Herban towelettes are amazing, the essential oils are strong and long lasting. Orange, using pure orange essential oil - antiseptic, non-toxic, great for oily or acne skin, Lemon, using pure lemon essential oil - cleansing and naturally refreshing, Eucalyptus, using pure eucalyptus essential oil - naturally invigorating, great for clearing your sinus.

This kit contains : tissues, propolis lozengers, manuka balm (for under sore noses and lips), hand sanitiser 60mls, Herban towelettes x 3, Little Suds Vegan & Eco friendly soap, mask, pain killers, enerlyte sachet, antiseptic towelette and cleansing wipe. Your own TravelbagNZ durable reuseable clear bag.

Please note that the Herban Towlettes may vary in flavour depending on stock levels, but will be the best choice for your Hygiene needs. Also the Hand sanitizer may vary depending on which one of my suppliers has stock, they are all fabulous though.