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Matakana Bundle

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A great way to try all of your skincare essentials or travel with this compact and convenient pack. Includes:

  • 15g Divine Day CreamAn anti-aging formula that will care for your skin the way nature intended. A delicate and fast absorbing healing cream which is suitable for all ages, light enough for teenage skin and hydrating enough for more mature skin. Sensitive and allergy prone skin.
  • 15g Luxurious Night CreamThis vitamin rich formula will help prevent the signs of aging and is suitable for all ages as a night cream.For mature skins - use as a day cream, brilliant as a protective primer before make up. Calming and as an anti-inflammatory for sensitive and allergy prone skins.
  • 30ml Gentle Cream Cleanser -This gorgeous cleanser is enjoyed by the most sensitive skin, and will remove make-up and environmental pollution in one simple step while leaving the skin feeling nourished and soft.  
  • 30ml Rose & Chamomile Toner - A beautiful toner / skin refresher scented with hydrating essential oils to create an exquisite product to lift spirits and tone your face. Essential oils include rose and rose geranium with a hint of lavender, patchouli and chamomile to keep things interesting.
  • 5ml Rejuvenating Face Serum - Fortify depleted skin with this powerful anti-aging facial serum to make skin soft, plump and super healthy. Suitable for all ages and sensitivities, fast absorbing to apply morning alone, under moisturiser or as a boost under night cream. Ingredients - 
  • healing clary sage and chamomile pure essential oils to calm sensitive skin and emotional well-being.
  • Antioxidant and vitamin rich organic red raspberry, macadamia, borage, rosehip, avocado and argan oils to feed precious skin cells.
  • Jojoba oil, a liquid wax containing natural collagen to firm and fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Such an affordable option to try out new products. You wont be disappointed as these are beautiful products and leave your skin feeling so clean and moisturized.