Mini Getaway Kit
Mini Getaway Kit
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Mini Getaway Kit

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This mini getaway kit could last you up to 2 weeks away !! Perfect for long weekends or a trip to the bach. Compact, eco friendly and ideal for the 7kg bag. All these products are natural and smell fabulous. Its also very light and great value for money !! This kit contains -:

Matakana Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla shampoo & condtioner barsOur refreshing Shampoo/Conditioner bars are fantastic for all hair types. Super concentrated with natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp, leaving it healthy and balanced with a beautiful lustrous shine.  These bars are a great eco-friendly choice for those wanting to do away with plastic packaging, and with proper care they will last much longer than liquid bottles of shampoo and conditioners. Also, If you are a frequent traveler you will love the convenience that a compact bar provides! Matakana day cream and luxurious night cream and small face serum.

Takeoff makeup wipes 100% bio degradable, dermologically tested, kind to your skin, no harse chemicals, NZ owned and operated. We love these wipes at TravelbagNZ.

No3 natural deodorant with stick applicator (travel size). Please note that some products may change if I don't them in stock, but I promise they will be just as awesome.

Amelia skincare body oil which is light, moisturising and smells gorgeous.

Grants natural toothbrush and toothpaste, Pure Blend strawberry lip balm, Little suds lemon travel soap, cleaning and anticeptic wipes, pain killers, Enerlyte orange sachet, quickies, Weleda hand cream sachet.

 All packaged into your own complimentary durable and reusable TravelbagNZ bag.