Sustainable Sun Lover  Towel
Sustainable Sun Lover  Towel
Sustainable Sun Lover  Towel
Sustainable Sun Lover  Towel
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Sustainable Sun Lover Towel

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Our eco-friendly towels effortlessly cover your beach, surf and yoga moments so you can pack less and experience more.  Perfect for your next adventure. Suits your lifestyle.Travel. Beach. Activities. Camping. Yoga. Also a thoughtful gift.

Full-sized beach towel: 180cm x 73cm / 71 x 29 inches. Ultra absorbent.

Over 1.5 litres of water absorbed. Quick-drying.

Half the time of a regular beach towel. Corner Pocket Design. 

Packs down small. Comes with a matching drawstring pouch

Created for a conscious traveller, a light packer and a beach bum.

Compact, Sand Resistant and Eco-Friendly, each towel comes with a matching drawstring pouch and a nifty stash pocket to keep important stuff at an arms reach. 

About 85% of the fibre content in our towels consists of PET waste such as recycled plastic bottles. The waste that could have ended up in the landfill, or worse - in our oceans, can now serve you for years to come in the form of a beautiful towel. By regenerating waste, we’re not only making it new again, but we are reducing dependence on petroleum and saving energy while also reducing carbon emissions.