True Blue Organics Mystique Skin Toner
True Blue Organics

True Blue Organics Mystique Skin Toner

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 True Blue Organics Tea Tree hydrosol is fresh, pure and free of bacteria, with no added alcohol and preservatives. 

True Blue Tea Tree hydrosol is antiseptic, astringent, cooling – the ultimate toner for all skin conditions. It softens, hydrates, heals and stimulates immune cells to clean up harmful bacteria and dead cells. Can be used undiluted internally and externally.

Excellent as a wipe for babies and children. During summer or when travelling it can be used as a facial spray to revitalise and hydrate the skin , freshen and purify the air. Perfect to keep on hand in your Travelbag NZ Luxury Travel Kit.

Uses: Undiluted for oily or blemished skin; after-shave rash, sunburn; underarm or foot deodorant, athlete’s foot; a no-sting cleaner on cuts and abrasions; soothes tired or sore eyes; fights travel fatigue. Can be used to treat ulcers and for oral hygiene. Ideal as an air freshener and added to bath or laundry water.

Mystique. Certified organic Tea Tree hydrosol. No emulsifiers or preservatives.