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TXG NZ Compression Socks

TXG NZ Compression Socks

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TXG’s Classic Medical Compression Stockings (also known as Pressure Stockings) are comfortable graduated unisex medical compression stockings that are perfect for everyday wear.

Designed with a wide comfortable cuff and a blend of Micro Nylon, Lycra and Polyester fibers resulting in a soft non-itchy and irritating fabric against your skin. If you also have a rubber (latex) allergy our medical compression socks are perfect for you. TXG socks are long-lasting, easy to clean and quick to dry, making them the perfect sock for everyday wear or as a pressure sock when flying on long-haul trips.

They're available in black in the following sizes:

  • XS (ankle 16-18cm & calf 26-34cm)
  • S (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)
  • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 34-50cm)
  • XXL (ankle 34-39cm & calf 36-54cm) – only available in moderate compression in black
  • XXXL (ankle 36-42cm & calf 38-60cm) – only available in moderate compression in black

Benefits of Graduated Compression Pressure Stockings

  • Improves blood circulation which increases energy levels
  • Reduces swelling, tiredness and aching in feet and legs
  • Helps prevent and treat mild oedema and mild venous symptoms
  • Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) when flying or sitting for long periods
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of Varicose and spider veins

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Socks are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.