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Keeping it Sustainable this Summer

Sky Gazer Beach Towel, Beach Bag, Travelbag NZ Summer Essentials Kit, Rolla Bottle and Stojo Cup
Sky Gazer Beach Towel, Beach Bag, Travelbag NZ Summer Essentials Kit, Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm, Rolla Bottle and Stojo Cup
A Guide to our Summer Must Haves for 2022

We’ve been so lucky in New Zealand with a hot and dry summer so far!

Here in sunny Marlborough, we’ve had beach days, camping trips and lots of swimming, and with February on the rise, we’re predicting more hot days to come.

With a few weeks of summer bliss behind us, we thought now would be a fab time to share with you a few of our summer must-haves to see you through the hot days to come…  

Summer Essentials for your skin:
At Travelbag NZ, we’re all about sourcing natural skincare products that are gentle on your body and the beautiful planet we call home. Here are some of our favourite ones for the summer months.

Raw Nature Bug Repellent Stick

Raw Nature Bug Repellent Stick

This wee beauty of an insect repellent hasn’t won multiple awards for nothing. It’s vegan, all natural, and made using essential oils that bugs can’t stand.

The Raw Nature Bug Repellent Stick comes in a handy cardboard stick which is convenient to pack in your day bag for the beach, on a walk or for a week away camping or at the bach. 

It’s a DEET-free insect repellent made with rosemary, cedarwood and New Zealand Mānuka, and it smells lovely to us and awful to bugs. What a win! 


Ama Ocean Balm

Āma Ocean Balm
We love Āma products here at Travelbag NZ, and their beautiful Ocean Balm is no exception!

The ultimate natural after-sun balm, it’s made for hydration and after sun relief, but it also provides great protection from the elements if applied before going outdoors. 

Made in New Zealand using essential oils of Kānuka + Mānuka alongside Coconut Oil and Beeswax, it smells delicious and offers the ultimate touch of luxury to cap off a summer’s day in NZ.

Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm

Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm
Summer in New Zealand wouldn’t be complete without a good stash of sunscreen. 

This SPF 50 sun balm is perfect for a day in or on the water, as it provides 2 hours’ water resistance at SPF 50, and 4 hours at SPF 40.

Non milky and without the typical sunscreen smell, this soothing balm contains no water and uses an antioxidant-rich formula which smells of peppermint, cocoa butter and coconut oils.

Compact in size, it’s perfect for keeping close at all times. Its rich, organic oils and butters ensure that a little goes a long way.

As with all of our products, Goodbye Ouch Sun Balm is a natural sunscreen, making it a summer essential for the guys, the gals, and even for the baby and the kids!

Grab all three of these beautiful Summer Essentials for Skin and save with our Summer Essentials Kit here.

Summer Essentials for On the Go

Low waste reusable products go hand in hand with our ethos of sustainability at Travelbag NZ. Alongside sourcing natural products for the whole family, we love to get our hands on innovative products that make it easier to achieve a low waste lifestyle while on the go. Here are a few of our favourite reusable products for the summer months.


Project Ten Patchwork Medium Tote

Project Ten Bag Range
We know we harp on about these bags, but it’s for good reason: they’re amazing! Project Ten bags are made from recycled ocean plastic, and come in a range of beautiful designs in all different sizes.

With an insulated range, medium and large sized everyday bags right down to mini zip-up pouches, they’re the ultimate bag to have on hand for day trips. There’s even The Weekender, capable of fitting an entire weekend’s worth of gear! 

These bags are lightweight, flat folding and easy to clean, giving you the ability to carry literally anything in them. Best of all, they look great! 


Sky Gazer Towel
Sky Gazer Towels
What’s better than a big beach towel awaiting your return from the surf? A sand resistant, super absorbent and quick drying beach towel, that’s what!

Our Sky Gazer towels feature stunning designs, come in a beautiful matching pouch and are super compact, making them the ultimate addition to your Project Ten beach bag this summer. 

What’s more, they’re antibacterial, making for hygienic use day after day on those endless bach holidays, and when you’re ready to give them a clean, they are receptive to super-easy care. 


Stojo Cups and Bowls

Stojo Reusable Bowls and Cups

Picnics are a Kiwi summer icon, and we’re about to make them even better by introducing you to Stojo reusable, collapsible bowls and cups. 

Glad Wrap is all but a thing of the past (thank goodness!), and you’ll wonder what you were ever doing with that, or leaky containers, for that matter, once you get your hands on one of these reusable bowls-come-containers. They’re spill proof, dishwasher safe and made using premium food grade silicone. 

Perfect for storing leftovers at home or for use on the go. Once finished, collapse the bowl for easy storage until you need it again!

Like its sister product, the Stojo collapsible cup range is exactly what it sounds like, a collapsible, reusable cup for use on the go. Keep it collapsed in your handbag and be always armed with a reusable cup, without taking up valuable space for other essentials. Genius.

Rolla Bottle Black

Rolla Bottle
If we’re wanting to get really serious about summer essentials; hydration has got to be top of the list. 

Much like the Stojo range, our Rolla Bottles are the ultimate drink bottle for ease of use both at home and on the go. Fill it up before you leave home, and if it’s empty, just roll it up and pop it in your Project Ten day bag, handbag, backpack or glove box until you can refill it.

Made from premium food grade silicone and naturally BPA free, these drink bottles are easy to clean, leakproof, freezer friendly and the perfect alternative to single use plastic.

Be armed for anything and pop one in your bag today!

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